Light'ing Fast Globe Replacer

Company History

We started in the industrial sector purely in the niche market of the removal and replacing of globes.

The ‘Lighting Fast Globe Replacer’ was born from the need to replace bulbs, in an inaccessible area, which would have halted production time, thus loosing sales.

Waiting for scaffolding to be built, and moved around, takes long and is expensive and interrupts work. A forklift is dangerous.

The Lighting Fast Globe Replacer is a Telescopic pole, with a special head unit which takes a MINUTE to change a globe, in any area and at any time. To change the globe that has blown, you do not even need to switch off electricity.

Since then, we have expanded into the sourcing of quality and low cost industrial globes, and cleaning equipment that can be used at heights of 10m. i.e Highbays and windows.